Thursday, December 8, 2016

More from Luke 1 ~ humble state

Luke 1:48

for he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant

Today, is another day for sharing  honestly about me.  Have you ever felt really good about yourself?  Or perhaps you suffer from too little self worth.  I fall into both categories!  Oops, not a good thing.  I could list some, but it's not about me.  A lesson that is humbling, but so worth finally getting.

 Today, we are encouraged to think constantly about ourselves.  What do you want?  What do you need?  It is a MEEEEEEE WORLD, but it's not. It is hard to be humble because being humble is taking the eyes off of MEEEEEEE and realizing who it really is all about...GOD. A lesson so worth being taught, because the peace we hear about that we don't understand comes with this lesson in life!

When we began to travel to Colorado and I spent a lot more time in the mountain surroundings.  God taught me so much and still does.  One lesson is about just how big I am and how big HE truly is...let's just say I am humbled!  It is so awesome to sit and look around and realize that you are but a speck and God is just huge!  Yet, when we realize that God loves us so much that He searches for each speck and desires relationship with each one of us...we are once again humbled!  It is all about God and what He is doing.

God  is so much more than any of us are able to imagine and He teaches us in some pretty wow moments!  I realize I do matter, but that is because God is able to use the least of us!  Nothing about me; it is all about the Mighty God we serve!

Mary was humble and He saw her.  He picked her to be His son's mother.  She was worthy.

Today, look around realize just how big God truly is and that He loves you too!!!

Thank you LORD for teaching me about who You are!  I love you and I need you to hold my hand in this world that tells me to focus on me and yet you turn my eyes back to what matters and where I need to be.  Lessons that honestly sometimes I don't want to receive at the time, but are so worth the homework.  Lord, thank you for being so Big and Awesome and allowing me the eyes to see just a little bit of who You truly are...I love you!  Amen

Share a today about how God truly is more than we are able to comprehend...

Sweet blessings,

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