Monday, December 12, 2016

Not everybody will be home for Christmas

Saturday in another town, Kenny and I entered a stairwell to head to our car.  Well, we entered someone's home.  Yes, it was similar to the photo.  It wasn't near this neat and it was spread out all over the landing.  I quickly turned to leave.  I didn't want to upset the person and I didn't want to intrude uninvited into someone's home.

I remember working with people that had faced this situation that they are filled with fear when someone enters their space.  Yet, I was happy they had a little warmer space than out in the elements.  It was cold and it was already mid morning.  It upset me to think of the fear and the cold that this person faced.  How do we help?  How do we do our part?  How do we answer the needs?  How do I look more like Jesus?

Honestly, my own fears took over in this situation.  I didn't want our fears colliding with all the news you hear about and I truly didn't know the right thing to do other than retreat and let there be space.  But over and over in my mind, Christmas and you just left them.

So many reminders of the to do's and don'ts and the words you are only one person flowed into my mind.  Yet, it left my spirit so down.  I went to Simple Church yesterday and was reminded of some of the things that we are able to do.  Here is a link to Simple Church ~ 

Check out the message! 

Justin gives some great ideas to serve and it might even give you additional ideas!  Bono, U2 you might be thinking well its pretty powerful stuff and you will even find Bill Hybels from Willow Point interviewing Bono about Jesus!  Yes, you read that right and it's great!

Also, you might want to check this church out!  If you don't think you fit in anywhere, this might be the spot for you.  If you don't think something is working, you might check out Simple Church.  Justin shares God's Word, encouragement, and lots of ideas of how to help our brothers and sisters in Christ!

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June Dowis said...

Thanks Debbie, this was so touching and inspiring.