Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Luke 1 ~ My Soul Glorifies the Lord

As I continue to ponder Luke 1 this verse really hit home with me.

And Mary said: My soul glorifies the LORD and my spirit rejoices in my Savior...

Mary has just been encouraged by the Holy Spirit through Elizabeth and immediately she sings glory to God!  In this moment of time she felt the need to worship and believe who God truly is and it is beautiful.

I was pondering this all day Monday and it continued yesterday.  I have to share that on Monday night I tuned in to the Voice and God shined through a young man.  Christian Crevas sang the worship song "To Worship You I Live and does he indeed!  It was amazing.  This young man raised his hands in worship before millions of people and God shined through him.  It was amazing.  Christian was moved and so was everybody watching.  The comments the judges made, the comments I have read online about this moment show that indeed God moved through this young man choosing to sing this song and allow God to move.  

Another moment is Tim Tebow in the Harry show recently.  I happen to see the clip this morning.  Again, order his book SHAKEN and be blessed. (the story is shared in the book too)  He shares about John 3:16 and the WHOLE STORY about God using 3:16 in his journey. Yes, it is a wow moment! Please google it and be awed by God.  Tim continues to allow God to receive the glory  by Tim sharing the things God is doing in his journey!

Google both moments for yourself and allow God to shine!  Truly God is working and the questions is are we going to let God use us to let His glory shine through us?

Please share your story and allow God to work...

Sweet blessings,

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