Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Jeremiah 23:18

"Has even one of them cared enough to listen?"

Are you ever in a gathering of people and everybody is talking at once and absolutely nobody is listening? Everybody is talking over everybody else and nothing is happening?

God must feel this way with us…He must ask the question all the time ~ Do they care enough to listen? God does talk to us. He answers our prayers and we miss the answer all too often. At least, I know I do.

I believe that one of the things that I am suppose to talk about with everybody is what God is doing right now. Not years ago or last week, but daily. God is at work and when you become intentional about looking for Him it is so obvious that He is right here working all the time. We just get so busy that we miss the answers. I know ~ I'm guilty of not being intentional. God may use someone or something that you have absolutely no way of realizing and suddenly it happens. Exactly what you prayed for God sent or God very loudly suggest another way and it is obvious that God sent the answer. Nobody knows your prayer, but you. Who gave you the answer ~ God!

So do you care enough to listen for the answer? Are you listening? Are you going to be intentional about waiting for God to answer? Don't miss out on the most chilling, exciting experiences when you know it is God and that He cares! Watch for Him, be intentional and definitely listen!!!




Frankie said...

Oh, what a message for us today. The Lord has spoken to us through His Holy Word. I pray that I would care enough to listen. Oh Lord, let me have ears to hear and eyes to see for You are at work all around us.

Anonymous said...

often times, we miss that God is talking to us because he may be saying something we do not want to hear. my daily prayer is that i live my life in the way He wants me to, one that would make Him proud. think about it, if we stay on that path, we shall have no worries!