Friday, August 21, 2009

Nothing or Something?

Ezekiel 20: 2

I will tell you nothing!

Silence is deafening! I imagine the absolute fear and trepidation felt when the Sovereign Lord, says…How dare you Debbie…I give you the way to go and grow, learn and lead, and yet you have to do things your own way.. I gave you the rules and regulations (v. 11) so that you could find life by keeping them. I gave you Sundays to rest as a sign between me and God and to remind that the Lord is to be set apart and holy and what did you do?

How dare you come for a message now? Do we expect God to always turn the other way?

I have read for days now about His anger and the pain that Israel caused God, but aren't we doing the same? I read and it hits me between the eyes daily that we fall so short, and yes that Christ came and died for our sins and we recognize and say publicly we know and yet we continue to sin. Grace, Grace, Grace….

I picture God in Heaven shaking His head with tears silently rolling down His cheeks because He loves us and yes He forgives, but He gave us the book with all the things we need and we still don't seem to get it. I know how parents show when we hurt them with silent tears and oh how that hurts …much more than yelling at times…

Father, forgive me for falling so short in what I hope to become. I want to look more like Jesus and I know I fall way short. Lord, I pray that we will all want to look more like you desire and that we do hear from you …it is where we place our hope. Our hope is you and only because of your grace will we ever achieve the look that we desire…the look of your son, Jesus. Amen

Something because of Jesus,


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Frankie said...

Debbie, I like the way you closed today's writing with "Something because of Jesus." The Old Testament reading shows what miserable sinners we are without God's grace. Grace given to us through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. Thank you, Jesus!