Friday, August 28, 2009

Singing a new song

Psalm 40

He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.


God is so good! I am surrounded by beauty mere words just don't seem to fit the wonder of God's creation. I am surrounded by God's creation of mountains, lakes, glaciers and praising God is all that seems right in this setting.

I am amazed with the beauty and the peace that is in my heart. Two days ago, I was so fearful and God kept placing on my heart how many times do I have to tell you, Debbie that I am with you wherever you go. I was determined to place my faith in Him as it should be and once again He showed up!

We sat around a campfire with no rain, the sun shined and God showed up. It was warm and laughter was shared while making new friends. A beautiful family that is truly amazing. A very happy, loving family that opened their home to a woman that is not an "outdoorsy girl" and I feel quite comfortable. The little girl and boy were so sweet giving me instruction on what exactly to do if I come upon a bear. She told me with the most sincere, beautiful smile to calming back away and put something between you and the bear. I even told her calm, isn't really a word that I would use. Very firmly she said, "it is important to remain calm." She doesn't know it, but God placed her in my morning to show this older lady about peace and calm!

I am reminded of the story of the Jesus and the disciples in the boat, when the storm came upon them. The fear they had and Jesus calming the storm. God used Ellie this morning to remind me to experience the calm of Jesus even when I forget that He is with me all the time.

Singing a different tune,


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Frankie said...

How neat! So glad to hear of the peace that you are experiencing.

Thankful that He puts a new song in our hearts.