Thursday, August 27, 2009

What pit are you in?

The reading today from Lamentations 3 beginning with verse 35..was so touching!
I placed my own name...Lord, I called your name deep within this pit, you heard little old Debbie crying, "Please Lord help me!" Hear me cry for your almighty help!
Yes, you came when I called and reminded me not to be afraid. You reminded me that You LORD are always with me!

It doesn't matter if your pit is so deep that you can't even see the light from the bottom or if the pit is so shallow that if you would just stand up you could get yourself out ~ The Lord will always answer you. He will help you out of the pit whether it is one that you placed yourself in or one that someone else placed you in. God will hear and help, so call out...HELP

It goes on in the Word to tell us that The Lord will even plead our case for us because He redeemed our Life! What a Savior we have, if we only want Him. Lord, thank you for hearing my cries for help and for pleading my case!

Praising God,


Anonymous said...

you are so does not matter how deep or how shallow, how big or how small, He is there for us, always. God wants to help us, we must learn to give up control (which is very hard for some of us!).

Frankie said...

I am thinking about the part of that verse Debbie, that says, "I called on your name, Lord..." That speaks to me of the importance of knowing His name.

His name is the Great I Am, His name is the One True Living God, His name is the Sovereign Lord, His name is the Lord of Heaven's Armies, His name is the Most High...He is LORD!