Friday, February 1, 2013

Baby in the Nile? Yet he is special?

Exodus 1 - 4: 1-17
1 Chronicles 6: 1-3

In Exodus 2, the story of Moses birth always amazes me!  First off all mothers think their baby is the most special right?  Well, Moses mother is no different and she thinks he is special and he must have been because she kept him quiet for three months!  Imagine, how did she manage to keep this baby from crying loudly when Egyptian guards were near by?  How did she manage to hide him from everyone that would take him and throw him into the river?

Then she does the most amazing thing to me, she had been trying to keep this baby out of the Nile river and yet she puts him in a basket and places him there now!  A river filled with big guys like in the photo above ready for their next meal just like in the photo; yet Moses is placed in that very river that she had managed to keep him out of for three months!  Isn't it odd how the LORD will sometimes ask us to place the very thing that means so much to us in the very place we fear so much, so that He can show us that He will take care of our fear!  He will provide the answer, if we just have the faith to do it!

I've read the story many times often times thinking about placing the baby in the river and the awful beasts that resided there, but this morning God provided a new thought that sometimes we must trust Him by placing our fears where we fear the most!  He will provide the way!

Trust God today and everyday and He will provide the Way!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

That is a new thought to me also. Very interesting!