Thursday, February 14, 2013

Go or stay?

Exodus 39, 40 and Number 9: 15-23

Physically not doing a thing until God's glory moved, imagine it!  You don't plan your next move, you don't go on vacation, you don't move on down the road until God shows you!

I would like to think that we all pray and get our answers about when we make such moves, but looking around and watching well ~ I don't think it's true.  I'm not judging, I'm just watching by the actions taken.  We often times hear such word as go with the flow, get a move on, let's hit the trail and these are just a few that people use or don't make plans just go with it!  Well, the people of Israel waited until God decided it was time to move.

Two things grasp my attention today and are just whirling around in my small brain this morning.
1)  God's glory which defined in the original Hebrew language means splendor, honor, and bright.  So God's splendor would fill the Tabernacle.  Imagine your eyes settling on the tabernacle and God's splendor just filling it up and overflowing!  Wow! Talk about peace filling your soul!

2) The final verse in today's reading from Numbers 9:23 ~ So they camped or traveled at the LORD's command, and they did whatever the LORD told them through Moses.  Set up, go and all when God decides.  It makes sense, doesn't it?  God knows when its best to pack our bags and move from our present situations, but are we listening?  Are we doing whatever God tells us through His Word, through someone or perhaps moving without even consulting Him?

Listening and Watching for His guidance were two valuable things that God was sharing with me this morning.  What about you?


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Frankie said...

A new thought for me today in the reading was that it sounded as though Moses set up the Tabernacle by himself according to God's instructions. Exodus 40:16-33 says, "Moses proceeded to do everything just as the Lord had commanded him....So at last Moses finished the work."

Quite a job for one person. I had envisioned many helpers since others were involved in the construction process. Perhaps Moses just supervised, but it sounds as though God was the Supervisor on that job!

Not sure that it matters except that when we think, what difference can I make, I am just one person, the Bible reminds us over and over that God used one person at a time to achieve great things for His Glory! To God be the Glory!