Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Exodus 37 - 39:31

Powerful words "Just as the LORD commanded".

I read the reading with a little bit of okay what's next I have to admit when suddenly the LORD said, "wait a minute girl this is important.  Now it wasn't a audible voice, but it was strong.  I was struck that God wanted me to get a very important detail yes He is into the details!  

Debbie, are you doing what I commanded?

Well, LORD do you mean every detail or most of the details?

Immediately, I ask forgiveness for the details that I am missing, for the things that the LORD commands me to do that I miss or fail at!  Our lists all look different, but He request things of each of us.  I put the question to you...
(your name) are you doing what the LORD commanded?

Sweet blessings,

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