Thursday, February 7, 2013

Who came to your rescue?

Exodus 20 - 22:15

Right off in the reading this morning God grabbed my attention with these words, "I am the LORD your God, who rescued you."...  I do not need any other reassurance!  God rescues people and He rescued me!  Still does daily!

On a cool February morning a few years ago, I woke up to prepare for work at Noel.  It was a regular morning of breakfast, dressing, picking up dirty clothes, straightening up the house, last minute chores and suddenly an alarm goes off and interrupts my life.  It was not on my calendar!  I had too much to do between working at Noel and family fun I just did not have a fire on my calendar!  Never will I forget the dirt, the smells, the horror of memories gone in a flash, but also I will never forget the feeling of being rescued in such ways that I never imagined!  Truthfully, it was God showing up in a way that I treasure the fire now.  It forever changed my relationship with God!

First, it was the firemen that ran into my burning home rather than away from it.  Trying so hard to save my home.  It was just stuff, but they were so caring.  Instead of running from they ran right into the fire!  Next it was neighbors and friends showing up one by one to stand with me and hold me up as I watched my physical home burn.  Family that ran in their pjs to help and keep me from making a really bad decision of going back in the house...but most of all it was God telling me over and over that He was saving me!

It was a moment beyond understanding in a moment of great despair that you realize that God saved you, not any of the wonderful people above.  Oh He sent them, but He saved us a long time ago, but He still does daily!  God showed up in a moment that day that forever changed my journey!  He gave me a letter that told me He was with me on this journey and that He was and is my refuge!

Really a letter was saved in my home that day from a retreat that shared the words I had prayed for when my home started to burn.  Lord, show me you are here with me and I can handle it!  The letter stated this very answer to my prayers and gave me Psalm 3:3 ~  But you are a shield around me, O LORD; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head.  Indeed He is!

Who rescues you?  Call out to the LORD.  He is there ready, willing, and able to handle anything that you have!!!  Give it to HIM!

Sweet blessings,

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