Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Microphone please...

Exodus 16 - 19

Over and over in the reading today people were spouting there opinion, which sounded a lot like moaning and groaning.  Or another word, would be complaining.

God had brought them out of years and years of terrible slavery with the Egyptians, they had witnessed miracle after miracle the moment things were a little bit less than pleasant....loud and clear the complaining started!  Who does this sound like?  Anybody you know?

Is this what happens when you finally have a moment to share about what God is doing in your own life?  Think about it for just a moment: the people all witnessed God part the Red Sea for them to walk through on solid ground and then flow to get them away from the Egyptians safely.  If this isn't enough He provides manna, quail and water still complaining over and over!  Is this us?

Are you sharing the amazing things God is doing in your life or the difficulties that might be in the path?  Are you sharing how He helps you get past the difficulty or the rocks along the way?

Next time you have the microphone share the amazing wonders that God is doing in your life?  Don't know what to share? Perhaps you are not paying attention to what He is doing!  He is at work, but are we noticing?  Then please grab the microphone and share His gifts!  

Hint:  Hint:  Nobody wants to hear the complaining, moaning and groaning they would rather hear the GOOD NEWS ABOUT WHAT GOD IS DOING RIGHT NOW!  SO SHARE!

Sweet blessings,

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