Sunday, February 17, 2013

God's timing

Nothing like God's timing.  I am always amazed when He shows up with just what I need!  Reminders of exactly who He is...awesome, beyond my whelm of thinking, the Great I AM, Savior, Friend, Father, Comforter and so much more!

Anybody with me?

Today, I am not going to blog about the reading it is totally about noticing God.  Do we notice Him?  He shows up all day long, but do we notice?

Speaking several times lately I've tried to remind people look for Him, share what He is doing, so today is totally about just what He is doing with me lately and then I want to hear about your stories with God showing up!  He does so share them!

Many of you know that I read books and review them on here. It is always amazing to me how He sends me the books I need at the exact moment I need them most!  I receive confirmation through His Word and then through the extra reading that is simply beyond this world!

Presently, I am reading two awesome books!  I will blog more about them later, but the first is a Lent devotional or a devotional that you could do at any time that is super!  It is exactly about experiencing the heart of Jesus written by Keri Wyatt Kent.  I am only through day 5 and I love it!

Keri writes about wonderful ways to practice His Presence.  One was imagining Jesus riding in the car with you, being your passenger.  Another is while eating thank Him for the meal.  When you realize that you have forgotten that He is with you acknowledge Him!  When you begin to get busy, pause thank Him for the moment.  It is amazing how when you practice these simple steps He really shows up.  Go ahead try it for yourself!  It is awesome!

Now for those of you that know me well know that I believe whole-heartedly that this book is confirmation, that I am to remind you to share your God moment stories with others.  People need to hear them, but for them to hear them we need to be paying attention!  He sent me my reminder to pay attention with this awesome devotional.  Kerri put practices exercises at the end of each day that are fabulous!

Now this book was sent to me at no cost to me, but let me just tell you that I will be getting more of them for the Ministry.  I will be purchasing them because it is a great devotional!  I love it and will be sharing more from it!  

So today I am sharing that God sent me this book to be sure that I was being intentional with sharing the way He shows up in my life!  He also sent me another book that is awesome!  It is about "Beautiful Battlefields" written by another awesome lady by the name of Bo Stern.  Bo is facing a huge battlefield and she speaks beautifully to the battle.  I will share more about this as well, but God spoke to me as well.  I am facing some pretty big things not physically and not all mine to share, but God sent me this book.  More or less reminding me that I am always spouting wonderful words about facing your battles and allowing God to use them.  The words Bo received from the Lord that she shared through this awesome book were from Joseph's story and that God's purpose is to save many not just one!  Wow, it was so powerful!  I thank God that Bo was willing to share these words with me right now!  I needed this reminder, do you?

I thank God was the gift of both of these books that were gifts to review these books, but they were also gifts from Him that I desperately needed right now myself!  Thank you God for sending them to me through this process.  I know that you saw me and it just gives me the most awesome chills!  You answered my prayers once again in a surprising way!

Sweet blessings,


Frankie said...

Debbie, thank you for always reminding us to look for God in our daily lives if not moment to moment. I love the idea of talking to Jesus just like He is right beside me throughout the day because HE IS!

Keri Wyatt Kent said...

Debbie, thanks for the wonderful review, I'm delighted that you're enjoying Deeply Loved. If your readers want to join our Lenten study, they can learn more at my blog at