Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Whose leading you?

Numbers 2 and 3

Today, the words are to lead you just jumped off the page at me!  Read it for yourself it is very clear that God had a set apart  a tribe to lead His people and that is the tribe of Judah which is the same tribe that Jesus is from, so figure it out for yourself!  Who is suppose to be leading us?

Instead, we allow the latest fad, the latest whose it in the society page or the latest elected official that is elected by a bunch of flawed folks to start with (us) LEAD US.  Something is wrong with this world.  We forgot who is suppose to lead all of us and it is clearly stated right here in Numbers...Our Father!

Grab His Hand today and let's turn this world around together because the correct leader will be leading all of us.

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

We (Sheep) do need a Shepherd(Jesus) to lead them. May we know the voice of our Shepherd. We will know His voice by spending time with Him and reading/studying His Word. Then we will hear Him say, this is the way. Walk this way!