Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Headed to battle?

Recently, I received "Beautiful Battlefields" written by Bo Stern to review by the publisher.  It was sent for me to give my opinion on and I want to say right off the bat...get it for yourself!  I've already ordered more for the ministry to have for women that are facing struggles, a huge fight, or the biggest enemy you could ever imagine!

Bo speaks from the heart about the illness of ALS that her husband has been diagnosed with and her family is waging a war against!  She is real, she is vulnerable, and she knows she is loved!  Yes, her family is in the middle of fighting a war, but yet she shows such grace and hope in the midst of the suffering.

It touched me in the beginning when Bo shared the scripture that God gave her in the story of Joseph about all the suffering that Joseph went through and how God spoke to her in Genesis 50:20 that it is about many lives, not just one!  Our struggles may be for many not just us!  Think about it!

All of us at some time have allowed this question to leave our mouths or our hearts, "Why LORD?".  It is for many lives to be saved!  Wow, this book just touches you through the pain, but at the same time inspires you to do more, to share more, to allow others to see your suffering in hopes that it might save someone!  Share! Share!

Bo shares hope through a very difficult journey!  She walks allowing her faith to show through the most difficult choices and how they will allow God to shine through each decision they make along the way.  Give yourself a gift that will give you hope to face whatever your battle might be ~ God speaks through this beautiful book written out of love for Him!  Do you need encouragement?  Do you need hope?  Do you need to find the beauty in your battlefield?  Allow God through the words given to Bo to show you the beauty in the middle of your battle!

Honestly, I don't want to give any more of this beautiful story other than get it!  The story shared of her husband taking their son to dinner to give him the news of this battle was so touching and yet so humorous and real!  The honest words of children when faced with such terrible truths definitely puts a new perspective on life!

Sweet blessings,

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