Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Get moving!

Exodus 13 - 15

Are you standing at the starting gate waiting for something to happen?  You aren't exactly sure what it is you are waiting on, but you are standing waiting?   Well, today is the day to get moving!

I love the human words that Moses offers to his people found in Exodus 14.  Moses was telling the people don't be afraid.  Wait right here and watch God rescue you!  Well, he meant well, but sometimes that isn't exactly what God has in mind.

Reading a little further God speaks and these are His words, "Why are you crying out to me? Tell the people to get moving?"  Oops, even Moses was about to lead the people wrong!  How often do we lead the people wrong?  How often are we telling people the wrong directions to the next adventure?

Recently, either in a Kelly Minter or Priscilla Shirer study this was pointed out and it hit me hard!  I was hit with how often  we might be "being still", when we are suppose to get moving?  How often did we act on our own directions meaning well like we all know that Moses meant well, but he gave the wrong instructions and we do too!  Only God knows our next steps and He is the one we need to look to for the exact right path!

Looking to Him,

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