Saturday, February 9, 2013


Exodus 25 - 28

How do you remember important things?  Do you write it on sticky notes like above?  Do you tie a ribbon around your finger?  Do you keep lists?  How do you remember things?

This morning two important things caught my attention in the reading from above:  1) God is into details!  He expects them to be followed.  Read how detailed He was with all of the instructions on how to build and do things.  It matters how we take care of business even to the smallest detail.  2)  We need reminders.

In the details for how Aaron is to dress and what the different designs will represent God says  "a constant reminder" well I believe with all my heart that is for Aaron and the people.  God doesn't need reminders.  He knows all.  He is all.  He doesn't need reminding and yet we are told that this will help Aaron remember the names of people he represents, the tribes he represents, God knows us!  He knows that we need reminding daily of who HE IS and of who we are.  We fail and need reminding, so He designed ways that Aaron would remember when he looked at that ephod on his shoulder of the people of Israel, when he looked at that chest piece he would remember the people of Israel.  God gives us help in whatever way is necessary and He provides it!

Today what will God remind you of?

Sweet blessings,

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Nikole Hahn said...

"It matters how we take care of business even to the smallest detail." Amen.