Saturday, June 19, 2010


2 Kings 13: 14-23

Today, please take the time to read about Elisha. The bow and arrow shot through the east window was meant to refer to the land beyond Jordan where the Israelites had been taken. The arrows were a symbol of the land they were about to invade. Elisha stated that he would have only three victories, due to only hitting the ground 3 times. Is this a symbol you think that we think to only ask for the bare amount rather than asking for more?

Elisha died and he was buried.

The land was invaded. One day a group of men was burying a body, when they spied the enemy coming. The hastily threw the body into the grave of Elisha. The body touched Elisha and back to life he came.

Imagine the miracle of being healed by the bones of a man that is dead. The power of God came through Elisha's body, whether he was dead or alive! God's power is beyond our comprehension. I love the imagery in my head of this man jumping out of the grave and the looks on the faces of all the men around the area. Here some of the men had been digging the grave for him and now he was back. Wow!

I think this story is all about God's Power. God is powerful enough that even the bones of a dead prophet could bring a man back to life and yet we humans don't grasp the power. We try to place God in a box or something that we are able to understand. Never ever will we be able to grasp the power of God and in turn we fail Him by thinking He is less than He is, because we are unable to grasp it. The story of the bow and arrows shows to me that I forget just how big God is and I in turn need to ask forgiveness.

I am so glad that we serve a HUGE GOD! A God that we will never be able to grasp in our little minds…

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Deborah said...

What a great post. I had never really thought about what the grave diggers thought. What about the man that came back to did he explain that to his family!? I'll have to do some studying on that. But you are right...God is big. We barely tap into His power.

I love this picture. I shared it on my blog and linked it back here in case it was your personal picture. Hope that was okay. If not, let me know and I'll remove it. I'm loving my visit to your blog.