Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Big GOD!


Today, the reading from Amos 7 & 8 and Isaiah 6 caught my attention. The reason was that God showed Amos and Isaiah some amazing visions.

I loved Amos words that he wasn't a professional prophet, and that he was never trained to be one. We aren't professional either, but we also have a message to share about what God is doing in our life that we must share! Amos is proclaiming he is a normal guy, with a normal job of being a shepherd and he takes care of trees, but the LORD used him. He told him to go and prophesy to the people.

Amos had visions about locusts eating all the green plants in sight. He begged forgiveness for the people. Next, it was a vision of fire and the fire consuming everything once again he begged forgiveness. Next, a plumb line vision that was used to test the people and bring down the dynasty of the King Jeroboam for evil.

Finally, the vision was of a basket of ripe fruit. The people were ripe for picking…PUNISHMENT. The people were letting evil rule everything and God was tired.

The most amazing visions of both Amos and Isaiah were visions of the LORD.

Amos had a vision of God standing beside the altar talking about getting rid of the evil and then restoration of the House of David. Imagine, a vision of God sharing about His plans!

When you talk about visions the one that Isaiah experienced with God sitting in His throne with His train filling the whole temple is beautiful. Imagine a robe that filled a whole temple. God is HUGE! The seraphim were serving him and they were singing praises to the LORD. Wow! You can almost hear them, can't you? Listen closely.

Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD…their voices are so strong that everything is shaking...Immediately, Isaiah is fearful that he is unworthy and unclean and he has seen GOD. Then God instantly took care of cleaning Isaiah with a burning coal brought by the seraphim. God sends him to be His Messenger.

Normal men with willing spirits were given big plans of instructions by God for the people. What are your instructions? What are you suppose to share with the people? Is it a word? Listen and share and be a willing follower of the LORD. Let us learn from Amos and Isaiah that we may be normal, but God is not normal. He is able to use normal, flawed people like me and you to be His hands and feet in this world! So, be willing and grab His hand for an amazing adventure sharing His plans.

Always, keep the vision that Isaiah had of the LORD in your mind of the LORD. HE IS A BIG GOD! We will never ever be able to figure Him out, nor do we need to. I am just thankful that we do serve a BIG GOD that is way beyond our understanding!

Giving thanks,



Frankie said...

Debbie, my little mind can't fathom how BIG God is. I liked what you said today about us not being professional either, but that we have a message to share with others what God is doing in our lives. Yes we do!

After two of the visions that Amos was given, Amos pleaded for forgiveness for Israel and the Sovereign Lord relented from His plans. From this reading today, I see that our prayers and pleadings to God can change His mind. Does He always change His mind? No. But He is a gracious God as King David said, and who knows but that He may be gracious and change His mind. So we plead and we ask.

SuperMom said...

I'd love to subscribe to your posts via email, but I do not see that option!

Love what I'm reading. Thanks so much for sharing your heart with all of us!

-SuperMom Verlina