Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wise words

Ecclesiastes 12:11

The words of the wise are like cattle prods-painful but helpful. Their collected sayings are like a nail-studded stick with which a shepherd drives the sheep.

The words of Jesus, Moses, David, Solomon, and the others of the bible are meant to prick our souls. The words are meant to prick our dull minds to hear and learn a powerful message. A message received, so that we will repent, change, and grow.

Over the past year and half I have been amazed at the words of the bible and how it relates to my life. It seems that when I am dealing with an issue in my own journey I'll open up the word and God will give me sometimes a cattle prod! Sharp, painful but true Word from Him and I've thought of the times that I missed these words, because I allowed my bible to lie on the coffee table unopened. It is a sad fact that many bibles lay unopened on our tables, beside our bed, on our desk with a very important word for us, but we don't open them to receive the word.

When this scripture jumped at me this morning it was like share the times that I prick your heart and it hurts. Show your sadness Debbie with the times that you know you have disappointed me. Well, I know that I disappoint Him daily. (Probably several times a day) and I share that because I know I am suppose to tell you of the times He shows me. I also, share the times it is an affirmation from Him because I opened His word. The times that the goose bumps jump up all over me because I know He sees me! I prefer the affirming times, but I grow and my eyes are opened on the times that I feel sadden by the Word He gives me.

I remember the times growing up that I was disciplined by my parents and how upset I was that I was spanked. I had let my parents down and the same is true of the days I receive these hard words from God, but at the same time I realize that God and my parents love me enough to use those painful belts or cattle prods.

Indeed painful, but helpful words of the wise! Open your bible to receive your word ~ either way, good or bad, it will change you forever!

Read it for you!

Sweet blessings,


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Rozi said...

There was a lot of good stuff in the reading for today. How Rehoboam listened to the young advisers instead of taking counsel from the older (and in this case wiser) men. It also struck me how Jeroboam set up idols and the people followed him because it was similar to their "traditons" even though God was not in it.
The Bible is a great book to read!