Thursday, January 12, 2012

Being real will help to change others...

Being real will change others
Job 8, 9, 10 and Matthew 9: 1-17
Today, I am only going to write about a portion of Matthew.  The portion about Matthew being called to follow Jesus in verses 9 – 13.

I loved this portion today.  Matthew was very real in remembering and sharing when he was called to follow Jesus.  I want you to take a moment and turn to Mark 2:14 and Luke 5: 27 what name was used?  Levi.  Both of these men were using the former name of Matthew, the name he used while he was a tax collector.  Matthew used his name that he was known once he became a disciple.  We learn honesty, being real, open, humility by Matthew’s example right here in these verses.  He is teaching us to share truth with others to help others!
Tax collectors were looked upon as terrible, despised people in this day.  It’s not a happy day when they call today, but it is their job.  During Jesus days they performed this role for their own personal gain as well as collecting for Rome.  They did well for themselves in other words.
The Pharisees immediately pointed out that Jesus wasn’t in their own thinking hanging around with the right people.  After all, the Pharisees looked at outward appearances, the rituals, ceremonial parts of the laws and Jesus was looking at being transformed on the inside with thinking and actions.  Matthew was an example of transformation taking place in someone and he wanted everyone to know that Jesus changed him.
All of us should be like Matthew allowing “the Light of Jesus” to shine through our cracks! We must be humble and admit that Jesus is the reason for the change and yes that person was me and still is, but I’m different because of Jesus!  I am forgiven and look what Jesus did!

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Frankie said...

Yes, we can definitely learn from Matthew. Jesus said, "Follow me."
Matthew got up and followed Jesus.
Just like that! Got up and followed Him!

Anonymous said...

I love how you and Frankie point out something in a verse that I might have skimmed over! Thank you both for giving me a better understanding and view on this awesome read!!!!!!!!