Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's all in the timing!

God’s Timing

Genesis 10, 11, 12, and Matthew 4

It’s all about God’s timing!  It’s God timing and not ours and when we get this our world becomes a whole lot easier!
Genesis 10
Shows that Ham was the father of the Canaanites, Shem the Semite.
Genesis 11
Men began to build this tower and absolutely no where do we see where they talked to God about it.  No, they just moved right ahead on their own.  God confused the people because they took things into their own hands!  It wasn’t God’s words telling them to build this tower, so He messed it up.
Genesis 12
The call of Abram.  Leave all that is familiar, leave your country, your people, and your father’s household and go to the land I show you.  Pretty specific instructions for Abram.  If you follow these instructions, I will give you the land, make your name great and bless you.  Abraham obeyed, but not exactly and some difficult things happened along the way perhaps because of the not exactly part. 
Do you find it odd that Abram went to Egypt and then told Sarai to say she was his sister?  I mean really!
Matthew 4
The temptation of Jesus.
Satan is cunning.  He knew Jesus had been fasting 40 days and He was hungry so what better to tempt with than food? 
The second was proof you are God’s Son by throwing yourself down and He will surely save you.  Next, showed Jesus the Kingdom of the world and all they had to offer.  Take them and they are yours if you bow down and worship me…
The devil left.  The world will offer us much, but it will only be temporary.  God’s angels came and ministered to Jesus after Satan left.  No shortcuts allowed it is all about God’s timing and God’s plan.  Don’t allow the devil to tempt you in to a shortcut that you know deep down will not work.  If we take a shortcut it will surely trip us up!
Two fishermen were casting a net trying to make their wage, when Jesus called out Come, follow me.  Does this not just amaze you?  They were busy trying to perform their job when this special man calls out come, follow me.  How did they know?  How did Jesus look that at once they threw down their nets and went with Him?
Immediately!  Immediately!  Abram and the disciples left to follow God’s timing for their life!  No hesitation they just left.  I wonder what their families thought when they took off with this man that just happened along the shore?  I wonder what Abram’s friends, family thought?  After all, either situation was calling for huge changes not only by these men, but by everyone around them, but yet immediately they responded!
Share your thoughts with us on God’s timing and responding immediately.  How do we know its God calling us and not our own desires?
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Frankie said...

From Genesis 12, I wondered what if any relationship did Abram have with God? Surely Abram had heard the story of Noah and the Ark passed down through the generations.

Getting a little ahead of our reading Abram's prompt response to God to leave his family reminded me of his prompt response in the future with Isaac.

As famine took Abram to Egypt it would also cause Jacob and his family to go and instead of staying temporarily they settled and got comfy there until a new Pharoah turned them into slaves. I know I am getting ahead of the story but the similarities are standing out to me from the reading.

Did Abram's family say , "You are going where?" I also wonder what the disciples families thought as theses men jumped up and left their boats and nets behind to follow The Messiah?