Thursday, January 26, 2012

I will go

Genesis 23, 24, and Matthew 17

Well, I guess some of you realized that I wrote yesterday on part of what I was suppose to and part on today's...oh well!  I guess I was suppose to do what I did and truthfully I've shared I'm not worrying about the little things if you come here one day and it's on a totally different subject - GO WITH IT!  If I feel lead to write about something else I will, if I don't write at all know there is a reason and I'll be back. (just thought I would share how this going with the flow thing is working so far)

Back to ...I Will Go

Today, the words that just jumped off the page at me were about Rebekah.  A strange man comes looking for a wife for the son of his master.  She meets him at the well and  she takes him to stay with her family.  He explains that his master sent him looking for a wife and they agree to this offer.  The next morning he wants to head back home.  The family wants a few more days, but they ask the girl and her reply is found in 24:58
I will go...

Now that is the Lord.  No other way around it than the Lord.  Otherwise, do you think this young girl is going to get on her camel travel with this older man about 85 years old across the desert to a foreign land  around 450 miles without God being involved?  I don't think so!  Only the Lord would have her reply with I will go!  What about her family?  Again, only the Lord would allow this mother to let her daughter go now this brother is another topic...we will learn more about him in a few days.  He would sell his own kids much less his sister for a dollar!

What about you?  Have you ever replied to something and you then wonder where did that come from?  or a little while later you think what did I just do?  Well, perhaps the Lord had you respond with yes!  Yes, I will step out in faith and do whatever it is...

When they arrived Isaac accepted her as his wife without seeing her beauty and we learn that he did love her.  Indeed, the story of Isaac and Rebekah is a love story.  Isaac loved Rebekah a lot!  We will be looking closer at this love story over the next few days as well.  

So, where will you be willing to go?

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Yes, I did notice that you were ahead a little bit, but that was quite alright. I wonder if Rebekah questioned her quick response while she was on the trail to meet Isaac?

To me it seems much easier to to set out with someone you know. For example, I think back at some of the things you(Debbie) and I have done or places we have gone and I thought at the start, we are going "where" and we are going to do "what?" I would step into the unknown territory because my friend was brave.

Rebekah was alone and brave it seems agreeing to go off with a stranger to an arranged marriage! Love did await her!