Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Job 22, 23, 24 and Matthew 12: 1-23

Over and over in the Job reading we are taught that God is indeed sovereign, because he always returned to the fact that He was sovereign.  Job taught us that when things go bad and we don't understand all the reasons to trust God anyway.

Job didn't understand the whys anymore than we do, but he trusted.  Look at 24:1  Job ask a question that many of us might ponder.  Why do you allow such and such to go and while doing nothing it seems to Job?  Job believed that God knew the appointed time for everything to happen and he wished that God would just tell the rest of us.  Could we handle it, if God did?  I don't think so...God must be trusted in all things, at all times and we must know in our hearts that He knows all.

We turn to Matthew and once again, those Pharisees are trying to catch Jesus doing something He shouldn't be doing.  Imagine, how they went through life Look at him now letting those disciples eat the grain and on the Sabbath!  Well, there is no law about eating grain from the field on the Sabbath only working the fields for profit.  The disciples were hungry, so they ate.  They were filling an immediate need, which was okay!  

Again, they try to mess with Jesus about healing on the Sabbath.  What does Jesus do?  He heals on the Sabbath.  He explains how important mercy is and that it is always important to do what is good and right!  Yet the Pharisees can't see who it is standing right in front of them, because it is so important to be right in their own eyes.  The way they interpret the law rather than the miracles that Jesus is doing right in front of their eyes.  Instead, they are plotting and planning rather than growing and loving with Jesus!  Imagine Jesus right in front of you and missing out on the miracles, but most of all the relationship with Him.  Did they ever realize what they did?  Do we?

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Anonymous said...

The reading of Job is difficult for me as it makes me face the real truth of my faith......would I believe as Job did and not give up......I hope so, I pray with all my heart that I would!!!!!!!!!!Also, great point....we seem to be so caught up in who is right and who is wrong that we miss the point, we miss out on what really is important.