Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Imagine traveling with Jesus...

Job 3, 4, and Matthew 6: 1-18
Imagine traveling with Jesus for a moment.  The crowds, the family members begging Him to heal their loved ones, the hurts that showed up everywhere He went, the love that He showed for the crowds to keep coming and building.  People knew He was special after all, many walked away from all they knew to travel with Him.  Everyone wanted to be a witness to all that this special man did and said, they wanted to be a friend to Jesus!
Do we still?  Do we want to be a part of something special?  He allows each of us to make this choice for ourselves.  Jesus allows us to travel with Him everyday, but do we get it?
I imagine all the hustle and bustle of everyone moving wanting as close to Jesus as they can possibly get and yet the little bit of awe that kept them back at the same time.  People are traveling with Jesus that He healed, the disciples, the women that are helping to pay the way for the ministry to continue.  They supported in the background; did you notice it?  Some of them are special enough for their name to be mentioned in God’s Word and I believe they knew they were special because of Jesus!
Jesus preached on good soil.  When it comes to you “hearing” from God are you getting a good signal?  Is it full of static?  The soil in your life is it producing fruit?  Are you helping build the kingdom by sharing what Jesus is doing in your life?
I encourage you to share what Jesus is doing right now in your own journey!  He is at work everywhere and once again you are special because of Jesus, just like the women in the story.  Because of Jesus, we are all special!
I ponder the Job chapters we read this morning.  Job was beginning to feel the pain of all he was suffering with and he was able to voice his pain.  I believe he was able to voice his pain, because he realized just how big God is and that God would understand where he was in the moment.   WE all have moments and always know in your heart that God is soooooo much bigger than any of us can grasp that it is okay to voice your true thoughts and feelings to Him.  He loves you and He knows already.  It’s not a big surprise to Him and He wants relationship with you.  In a relationship honesty is a must, so I believe God wants a “true relationship” with real thoughts and real feelings, the good and the bad and He will love us through the difficult times.
Did you find the friends words comforting and helpful or what?  I mean Job finally opened up about his pain and do you think this helped him.  Truly I am not sure how I feel about this and I’m going to leave it open for you all to respond.  I am going to ponder it the rest of the day, but I do know that we are all special and that we are God’s children!  He loves us through the good times and the bad.  Always remember that Satan is prowling around wanting to attack when we are down, when we are at our lowest, when we are vulnerable, and that God will hold our hand if we allow Him to see us through!  Take His hand and let Him lead you!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

The friends did not know all of the details of why these calamities had come upon Job. Most importantly that Job had not done anything wrong but that God had allowed Satan to do this to Job. So I try to keep their lack of information in mind as they speak. Isn't that the the case for most of us when we judge a situation? We don't know all of the details.

From Matthew 8: 3, I love where Jesus said He was willing to heal the centurion's servant. A little futher in v.14-17, Scripture says that Jesus healed to fulfill prophecy(Isaiah.) Is that where people are coming from when they say that healing was for then not for now? Does anybody have some thoughts on that?