Monday, January 30, 2012

Hanging on ...

Genesis 31, 32, and Matthew 20: 1-16

Why do we hang on to things gone by or things we know we don't need in our life?  Today, reading about Jacob leaving Laban and returning to his own father I was once again shocked when I read about Rachel grabbing her father's idols.


Perhaps to cling to something from home or her father went through my mind.  But then I was thinking why?  One commentary said it could be about the day Laban died and that would mean they would receive the rest of his belongings.  I don't know it just saddened me to think about the one thing Rachel wants to grab are these awful idols, but then isn't that so like us?  We just can't let go of the one thing we need to leave behind the most!

Still when her father comes looking she hides them beneath her.  Why?  Is this the reason she had so much trouble having children?  Could Rachel never totally let go of the old way of life and lies?  I mean she is not telling the truth and she hangs onto them and what value are they to her?  Why can't she let go?

Why do we cling to things we know in our hearts we need to leave behind?  What are your thoughts?

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

That is an interesting thought about Rachel being unable to have children being related to her stealing her father's idols. I have never put the two together before.

I ask myself the same question that you asked today. Why can't I let go? I don't know the answer.