Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Job 41, 42 and Matthew 17

Imagine, hearing God saying things such as He looks down on all that are haughty; he is king over all that are proud.?  After God reminding Job and his friends exactly who He is and was...
Job is humbled and immediately confesses and repents.  He doesn't know why he had such terrible things happen to him, but he quit his complaining.  Perhaps if we remember exactly who God is we would quite complaining too!

After all God knows all and He does have a plan!  It may not be our plan, but He has got one and we may all be assured that it is way better than any plan we would come up with anyway.  God is sovereign and often times we forget this fact.  How because we are too busy with the focus being on ourselves rather than our Savior! 

Last night in Bible study, Job 42:5 was brought up for us to think about by Priscilla Shirer My eyes had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.  Is it perhaps that we not only want to hear with our ears, but we want to see?  Well, He is everywhere!  I know myself this week without a doubt that God gave me an answer and I am awed beyond words.  I know that God saw me and their is no other feeling like knowing in your heart that God sees you and feels your pains.  Take heart that indeed God feels every feeling with you!  He feels your pain, He feels your joy, He feels your tears, He feels your sadness, He feels your relieve, He feels everything.  I just read a posting on facebook of one of my friends saying she felt her daughters pain and how it hurt not be able to make her feel better.  Well, that is exactly how the LORD feels and look how many children He has ~ and we complain?

I love in Job 42 where we are told that the LORD blessed Job more in the latter part of his life and the daughters are named.  I learned this morning that the daughters names are names of restoration that Job gave them.  Look at the meaning of each of the names:  Jemimah means "daylight", Keziah means "sweet smelling," and Keren-Happuch describes a beautiful color that women used to paint on their eyelids.  Don't you love Job?  Job is so full of life again after the awful things that happened to him and the only way this could happen is with the LORD showing the way!

Job had it all, lost it all, and God restored it all!  God forgave the questions that Job ask, God forgave the rantings that Job shouted because the LORD is so filled with compassion and mercy!  Give thanks!

The Matthew 17 reading today was awesome as well with the 3 closest disciples getting to witness the glory of God!  Yes, the glory!

Place yourself in Peter's shoes for a moment.  Yes Peter, because I think he represents each of us so well at times.  So full of himself, so honest, so say without thinking sometimes...Anyway, just place yourself at the scene to witness Christ undergo this miraculous change into glory.  You are in awe of this and then all of the sudden two more men show up that you have heard about all your life the stories of Moses and Elijah.  The two men that represented so much to your history, your people's history and now they are here before you talking to Jesus.  Peter gets so excited that he wants to do something special so once again he shouts out let's build tabernacles for all three of these men.  Well...Peter once again should have waited to speak...but he was human and knew this was special, but he forgot or had not yet realized that Jesus was even more special than the other two men!  God reminds him immediately even before he got all the words out exactly who Jesus is...they all 3 immediately fell to their down on their face to honor the presence of God!

Wow, is all I am able to say when I imagine witnessing God's glory!  I still love Peter because he fumbles with words, he even fumbles a lot with his actions, but in the end he receives victory!  It gives all of us hope or at least I can tell you it gives me hope, because I fumble daily, I fumble in actions and words as well and it is my prayer that I learn daily like Peter did and I know that Jesus died for me so I will receive victory as well!

Be blessed today and everyday!

Sweet blessings,

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