Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Remember who God truly is...

Job 5, 6, 7, and Matthew 8: 18-34
What does it cost to follow Jesus?
Reading Job this morning was difficult and then I turned to the Matthew reading and the section to begin the reading was entitled with the words “The cost of following Jesus.”  It is difficult to put into words when we think of the price Jesus paid for us, but yet the pain we sometimes find because we follow Jesus.  Oh is it worth it?  Definitely, but…it does not do away with pain.  We must trust.
Job had such a real relationship with God.  He could say exactly what he felt, what was weighing him down and know deep down that God knew him.  I believe Job trusted his relationship with God to speak truth to Him. 
Job was in pain and hurting and he told God.  If we can’t tell God our real feelings, who can we tell?  Do they really care?  We know God cares.
I love the story of the storm and Jesus sleeping right through it.  Recently, I heard Bro. Billy Crosby preach on this passage about Jesus just performing many miracles, people watching all of this and then the disciples quickly forgetting about who was in the boat with them.  Jesus knew they would be okay and was sleeping through the storm and yet they questioned whether they would live or not…
How often is this true with us?  God tells us He is with us, but we allow doubt to creep in the boat with us and we start shouting at Jesus help us.  He will help us, but we must remember exactly who God is and always will be.  He can handle anything and we must trust just how big He is and remember it’s not us handling anything it’s HIM!



Frankie said...

This is what I loved from today's reading. Job 5:9, "HE performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted."

Anonymous said...

Today, no doubting!!!!!!