Monday, January 23, 2012

Distracted beyond who knows where...

Have you ever realized that you are distracted and you don't even know where you've been distracted to?  

Thanks for all the sweet words of support after my last posting!  Friends offering words of encouragement always help to heal the hurts.  Also, being open and honest always break down the barrier to what is separating us from the LORD.  Finally, I heard from the LORD about what was going on with us and I am shouting thanksgiving.  

Over the past several months, I've been doing a little research on my to do lists, my study, my work, my family list and realized that what had happened to me was too much on all my list!  I've mentioned before that I truly believe we all wear it as a badge of honor and power the more we have on our list nowadays that we might throw into conversations or mention in our blogs or just plain complain about to others is important! BUT you know what God showed me, everyone of us  choose what we have on our to do list, what we actually do, and what we mark off.  It is our choice!  So why do we complain?  After all, we have free will to pick and choose and yet we put ourselves in overload and then we complain, complain, complain...I also realized that truly nobody cares, because we all feel like we are in overload.  Truthfully, we probably all are, but it is by our own doing!  We just don't realize that it is our own fault.  We blame our family.  We blame our friends.  We blame our job.  We blame the country and truthfully it is our own fault.  Maybe I should say MY own fault, but I work with women daily and I don't think I'm alone.  If I am okay, I am realizing my choices haven't all been good for me!

I am sorry for those of you that have listened to my complaints!  The distractions that have taken my eye off the LORD do not really matter.  Oh, don't get me wrong each of you matter, but He is going to take care of you and me.  I don't need to spend hours fretting about things, because He goes before me wherever I go.  Recently, studying about the wilderness and God sometimes leading us into the wilderness Himself I've realized  - it's true!  He does, but it is also very clear that He goes before us!  Read the words for yourself and listen to God tell you that He goes before us!  WE are never ever alone and He only wants to develop the relationship with each of us.  He has a very distinct plan for each of us.  My plan isn't your plan and your plan isn't my plan, He plans for each of us.  Each of us indeed as our own Promise Land that He offers us and I am so excited about where He is leading me.

So I've decided less distractions.  If I get to something fine, if I don't - oh well.  Anyway, unless I've told you how absolutely swamped I am and that I will never get everything done - how will you know?  You won't and even if you do - it doesn't matter!  I am finally getting it.  It doesn't matter!  None of that stuff matters except to me!

God doesn't care about our to do list, but He does care about our trusting Him with the next step into the plan for our journey!  So, if I miss a time or place that I'm suppose to be - please forgive me because I'm throwing away all my to do list and making life easier and more enjoyable!  Did you hear me?  I am allowing God to take my life back to His way instead of Debbie's way and to do list aren't on the agenda... Do I get a Hallelujah or Amen?

Hallelujah, hallelujah



Frankie said...

Amen! Good advice to start a Monday morning. I just took a deep breath and will remind myself that God has gone before me! And yes, that deserves a big HALLELUJAH!

From the reading I must say that Job's young friend, Elihu, talked with great wisdom about God.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day it's not what we get finished on our list anyway, it's how we finished it. God's agenda is always better than ours.