Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Preparing the Way

God Prepares the Way
Genesis 7, 8, 9 and Matthew 3
Today, what strikes me with the reading is that God takes care of everything it is a matter of whether we believe or not!
Genesis 7
Noah followed all of God’s instructions and I always every time I read it love verse 16..the words that close this verse.
Then the LORD shut him in.
The Lord protected them and shut others out that did not trust and believe his words.  Noah had been sharing we are told in 2 Peter 5 that Noah had been the preacher of righteousness.  What do you think Noah was preaching while he was building that ark?  How did these people not realize that Noah knew something special, different and that he was taking drastic steps?  Why didn’t they believe?
Genesis 8
But God remembered
God’s grace and mercy once again shown in that He remembered Noah and his family. God blessed Noah and his family and the family worshipped God.  Immediately they worshipped God by building the altar and offering sacrifice.  Noah knew who God was and he was honoring God for His grace and mercy.
Chapter 9
What grasp my attention is that sin so quickly reared its ugly head after the blessing and deliverance from the flood.  Ham brought about a curse on himself and his family.  Shem was the son that the line of Abraham came from and this was because they showed honor and dignity.
Matthew 3
John the Baptist prepares the way for Christ.  John the Baptist was different, he looked different, and he acted different.  He made the people aware of their need for repentance.  He was honest, straightforward and didn’t mind calling people out.  John the Baptist was preparing the people for Jesus.  They were ready for Jesus and his words about God’s Kingdom.
I think what really spoke to me from the reading today is that we must be willing and prepare to look different, act different, do things God calls us to do that may look crazy to others.  WE must act immediately and be prepared by sharing relationship with God to be able to make it through because sin is still crouching waiting to pounce behind the door!
What spoke to you?
Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

What spoke to me today from the reading was in Genesis 7, which you mentioned that verse 16 says, "Then the Lord shut them in."
That verse made me think, what is God protecting me from daily? By shutting Noah and his family and the creatures in, God protected them and saved their lives.

Genesis 8:1 caused me to say, "Thank you Lord for remembering me and my family!"

In verse 21, it says, "The Lord said in His heart...." I am pondering how often I must break His heart.

Debbie your mentioning how we must be prepared to look and act different reminds me of hearing Dr. James Dobson say "holy looks different." I think we could say that holy acts differently also.