Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy in Time Out?

Psalm 94: 12

Joyful are those you discipline, LORD, those you teach with your instructions.

Today, reading this Psalm I thought of time-out given to children and parents knowing what is needed. The little boy doesn't look very joyful, does he? He looks dejected, sad, alone…

I thought looking at the picture that is exactly the way we feel when we feel we have failed God. Unless, we remember that the reason we are disciplined is out of love. I believe that God gives us this understanding and reason to be able to grasp this knowledge. We know deep within it is His mighty love and through Him and this understanding that we are able to be joyful that He disciplines us. Do you agree?

Otherwise, how would one be joyful? The original word translated to mean happy, blessed. We are blessed because God admonishes, instructs, corrects (original words). Perhaps, we are joyful in the instruction because we realize that the Lord sees us. After all, when we are in trouble aren't we looking for attention from someone? The Lord sees so He admonishes and for this we are definitely "blessed"!

Sweet blessings,


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Frankie said...

Debbie, being on the receiving end of discipline is definitely not any fun, but the one who is giving the discipline realizes how necessary it is. Not long ago I felt that the Lord had pointed out where I was wrong in a matter and needed to change. It turned out that I was actually glad because I knew He had heard me cry out for His help.

As I look at the little boy in the picture, I wonder if God looks on us with compassion when we are truly sorry.