Saturday, July 17, 2010

Seek and empty

Isaiah 26: 16-17

Lord, in distress we searched for you. We prayed beneath the burden of your discipline. Just as a pregnant woman writhes in pain and cries out in pain as she gives birth, so were we in your presence, LORD.

We seek when we are in trouble. They sought and they emptied out their vessels is what one commentary mentioned. Isn't that us? When we are in trouble we empty it all out? We unload all the stuff.

The imagery of the woman giving birth was beautiful. Think about it. Women are in anguish giving birth, we are struggling in our pain, which is followed by expectation and finally in joy! Isn't this true with our troubles? Until we seek God and find Him we are full of anguish, when we empty out to Him in prayer our pains and let it go then we will find joy. It is just like the baby being placed in that mom's arms, they joy felt after all the pain.

The scripture goes on to tell us that God brings the salvation into the world. Jesus suffering brought salvation to us all.

I love the Word. I love Jesus and I am amazed every morning how His word gives me new food for thought! Today, it hit me once again how much Jesus suffered for me and for you. We know how we feel suffering in our times of trouble, but still I don't think we can truly grasp the suffering of Jesus. He suffered in the prayers He offered before they arrested Him, remember? He was sweating blood, He was suffering so much. He suffered at the hands of the men that whipped Him. He suffered as He had to carry the cross. He suffered as He had to watch the ones that loved Him suffer watching Him suffer. He suffered being nailed to the cross. He suffered hanging there on the cross. He suffered not because of something He did or had, but because of me….and you…

Jesus emptied to His Father during this time as well. Imagine, the joy He felt knowing that God's glory was going to shine through Him and that eternal life was provided for all that believed! WOW!

Do you need to seek and empty out your vessel to the LORD? Offer your whispering prayer to the LORD and experience the joy of knowing Jesus!

Sweet blessings,


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Frankie said...

Debbie, I do believe that God can bring something good out of our suffering and bad situations. I never really applied it to Jesus' suffering, but it is so true. Like you said, our salvation comes from Jesus' suffering.

In the story of Joseph in Genesis, Joseph says to his brothers that what they meant for harm, God used for good. God saved the whole nation of Israel through Joseph being in Egypt.

Jesus' sacrifice and suffering on the cross can save every man and woman who put their faith in Him.