Thursday, July 8, 2010

Praise God, The Mighty Creator

Psalm 104

Today was about praising God! Yes, Lord!

Indeed, Lord, how great you are! Dressed in a robe with honor and majesty and filled with your light! The curtains of your home are the starry night; rafters of your home are the clouds. Wow, you ride in a chariot of clouds with the wings of the wind…Yes, Lord

Fabulous reminders of your power and might are everywhere around us every day! I absolutely loved the verses about you make the springs pour water, the streams gush down the mountain, the birds nest and sing, you cause the grass to grow, ….Yes, You do everything to provide for us!

Lord, it is my prayer that I will never allow others things to take the joy of You away from me. I love the fascination with all the things You do. The things You created always grab my attention.

It is just the way you designed time. The moon, the sun and time of day with all the animals hunting for food and eating… Wow, every detail. Details, Details, Details, and never did you miss even one! Yes, Lord indeed you made it all with Your Mighty Wisdom.

Lord, you wear the clothes of creator every day. Some days, it is like the clothes that our best friend might wear; we notice the outfit and not the friend! Please Lord forgive me for the days that I don't look to You! We see your creation all around us every day and it is my prayer that we never see it without saying a word of thanks to You!

Thanks be to God!

Sweet blessings,


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