Monday, July 19, 2010

Which highway?

Isaiah 35:8

And a great road will go through that once deserted land. It will be named the Highway of Holiness. Evil-minded people will never travel on it. I t will be only for those who walk in God's ways; fools will never walk there.

Are we walking in the ways of "holiness"?

Ponder what road you are walking today. Ask yourself a couple of questions, when others look at you do they see God? Do other people desire your happiness? Do others ask you what's different about her or him?

The Highway of Holiness is an elevated way to salvation. Oh, I love the way this commentator stated it. Are you on the elevated road? It is the KINGS Highway, which is Christ and He is leading the people in truth. We are cleansed because of His blood on the cross. Another commentator said it's like reaching the toll booth and the highway is not traveled by all people. The toll is believing with your whole heart that Christ paid your fee to travel on this road.

In ancient days, roads were not good. A good road was a blessing, so a good road would have already been looked upon like a blessing, when Isaiah would have shared this scripture. They all realized that it would have been a glorious road to have been a good road. A Divine Road that we are safe to travel on because He keeps us from getting off or falling off by teaching us wisdom and helping us grow along this highway of holiness! We are protected on this Highway from attacks of the devil, because he definitely can't pack his bags and travel this road! Hallelujah!

Let's pack our bags and travel the Highway of Holiness today and always!

Packing my bags,


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Frankie said...

Debbie, that is interesting about what a good road would have meant to the people of that time.

I certainly want to walk in God's ways that I might be on the Highway of Holiness.