Thursday, July 30, 2015

Even 1

Jeremiah 2:23 - 5:19

Well the people are in bad shape in the reading today.  Lots of tough stuff to read and lots of bad things were happening when Jeremiah was trying to spread the word things needed to change.  Yet I found hope in chapter 5:1 ~
"Run up and down every street in Jerusalem," says the lORD.
"Look high and low; search throughout the city!
If you can find even one just and honest person,
I will not destroy the city.

God does not give up on us!  He allows the search for just 1.  The 1 might be you or me, but HE will search for us.  God loves us dearly over and over in His Word we see how He continually tries to make a way.  He did by sending Jesus, but He wants us to become more like HIM and not continue in our sin.  He  tries and tries, but do we?

Thank you LORD for your amazing grace, mercy and love.

Sweet blessings,

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