Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Need rescued?

2 Kings 19, 2 Chronicles 32:9-19, Isaiah 37:27-38, 2 Chronicles 32:20-23

Do you need rescued?

All of us do at some point.  

It seems in God's Word and in my life that God never rescues the expected way.  He shows up in the most unexpected ways to save us from ourselves.  I loved the picture of the rescue dogs that are on search and rescue.  I think this would be unexpected of these two cute little doggies to show up and save us, but that is how God works.  He is God and He amazes us.  He wows us with His Works!

Hezekiah is afraid of this king from Assyria.  He knows this man is tough.  He knows this man is bad.  He knows he is formidable.  I love the fact that this king sent King Hezekiah a letter and King Hezekiah immediately went to the LORD'S temple and spread it out for the LORD.  He gave God the whole letter and immediately gave all praise to God for who God is...He even went so far as to remind God that this foreign king worshiped little g gods that are made of stone and wood by human hands and then ask God to use His power to rescue them!  How often do we need to spread all our junk right out there for God?  He knows, but we need to spread it out openly for God to see and know we know our stuff...We need to remember who GOD IS!

Let's remember like Hezekiah did who God truly is!  Remember God is God!  He alone is able to rescue and save!  Believe and know it will be in God's way not in our way!  Expect to be awed by God!

Sweet blessings,

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