Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Puffed Up!

2 Kings 20, Isaiah 38 - 39

I was reminded of the puffin fish reading today's reading.  Do you know that the Puffin fish can increase in size and turn into an odd shaped ball looking thing?  He can take care of predators using a toxin inside him that is 1200 times stronger than cynide!  He is a powerful dude!  He puffs up and out comes trouble!

Isn't that what happens to us when we think we are really special?  We get filled with pride and think we are somebody?  Well, look out...

King Hezekiah becomes sick in today's reading and he is upset.  He prays knowing that God is able to heal him.  God heard his prayer and told him that he will add 15 years to his life.  Then Hezekiah wanted a little proof that God was going to do this, so he ask that God cause a shadow to move ten steps backward on a sundial!  It happened!  God showed Hezekiah kindness and he became proud!  The Lord's anger came against him and he humbled himself, but at a cost to the people.  God's anger would not come upon the people during Hezekiah's lifetime.  Somebody else was going to pay for Hezekiah's pride problem.  How often does somebody else pay for our pride issues?  

Today, don't become puffed up!  Tomorrow, don't become puffed up!  Remember, that any 
battle won is the LORD'S!

Sweet blessings,

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