Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Backward please!

I never ceased to be amazed at the things we humans request! I'm not excluding myself in the equation, we will request one more thing everytime we are blessed with something...oh by the way could you possibly do this?

Do you ever feel this way? We never are satisfied in today's world or back to the time described in Isaiah 38: 1-8...King Hezekiah is deathly ill it was about the time that Assyrian invasion of Judah happened. The Lord told him to get his house in order that he was going to die. God actually told him the end was near not questions about when it was going to happen. Not many people are given the time to set their house in order and God told Hezekiah it was coming.

Of course, Hezekiah prayed. He turned to the wall and prayed. Away from others to invade his alone time with God. A prayer between just the two of them. He reminded God that he had been a good boy and didn't he deserve more time on earth? Now remember that Jesus wasn't here yet, so he had no assurance of eternal life. He thought this was the end. Where today we all know that if we believe Jesus died for our sins and that he took them on himself on the cross ~ we may have eternal life. No assurance of this for Hezekiah.

God answered the prayer through Isaiah...Go tell him, I heard and he will live 15 more years. Prayer does matter...God does hear...Hezekiah requested and he received

The thing that always gets me though is we ask for did Hezekiah. What sign will I get that I am healed???? Of course, Isaiah asked him would you like the sundial to go forward or it wasn't all Hezekiah's asking....Do you want the shadow to move tens steps forward or back? Isn't his cool? God didn't have to give a sign or proof ~ he wanted to...God moved it backwards and gave him even more time in the action...He added even more time to Hezekiah's time! God moved the sun a little bit for Hezekiah! Wow, God is so good!

God loves the details in our life! If you don't believe it read your bible ...He is into the details of our life. Your life, my life, everybody's life matters to God. He wants in the details, so let Him in today. Don't waste one more second without God hearing your prayers and your love for Him!

Loving Him,

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Frankie said...

Debbie, so much to grasp from today's writing. The Scripture bares witness to prayers, signs and details. They were all addressed by God. He provides and He cares for each one of us. Praying that I have eyes to see Him working in my life today.