Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Knew you Before!

I've always loved the passage of Jeremiah's Calling from the Lord. Isn't it so beautiful!?

A few things about Jeremiah for background information...He was a young priest in the city of Anathoth. He was totally committed to God. One of the men that lived about the same time as him was Daniel. He was persecuted for his message and became known as the "weeping prophet" but not because of being a wimpy man.

The Lord calls Jeremiah telling him that he knew him before he was even a thought...Debbie's paraphrase...God had a plan for Jeremiah and what was Jeremiah's response? I can't..I'm too young. When God calls you have you ever given the same type of answer? I'm not good enough or I'm not smart enough or I can't? Well, God placed it on my heart this morning that it doesn't matter whether we are any of those things, because it's not us anyway!!!! It is Him!

Clearly in verse 4 it tells us that the Lord touched his mouth and put the words in that mouth...Wow! The Lord tells Jeremiah that He is watching him and that He will carry out His plans. Isn't the same true of each of us? YES! He is watching us and He does have a plan for each of us and He will provide. WE just have to believe and most of all remember that it is not us ~ only Him that we are able to speak and follow His directions. So be humble and remember today that it is God doing the work through you and is is only His work!!

Trying to walk humbly,


Frankie said...

Those are such awesome words from Jeremiah 1:4, that God has a plan for our lives before we are even born. He is in the people business and He uses our lives for His purposes. Praying that I am listening for Him today.

Tammy Nischan said...

THank you, thank you, thank yoU!

Love you,