Sunday, September 27, 2009

Come and see

John 1:39

"Come and see"

Are you someone that must figure things out for yourself? You want to check out the latest restaurant and see if it's the best in town? Or you want to see the latest movie and see if it is really awesome? You want to make the decision for yourself and so you go and make your own choice.

Well, the first disciples were with John when Jesus walked by and John stated to them there goes the Lamb of God! It tells us in the scripture that John declared it. So it would have been with much enthusiasm and they would have realized that this is the man that they had all been waiting on for a long time. So these two men immediately left and followed Jesus.

Jesus glanced around and saw them following. What do you want? They told him that they wanted to learn ~ how do I know because they called him Rabbi which means teacher, so they are acknowledging right up front they want to learn from him. Next they told him they wanted to check him out asking where are you staying.

Jesus immediately replied "Come and see"! The same thing we are told every day. Check me out for yourself. Come original word eurxomai (Greek) meaning follow or to come from one place to another and see which in original form was oyesqe which means to see with your eyes, to experience, to perceive. Don't you love it?

The Lamb of God says follow me from one place to another and see with your own eyes experience what I have to offer and make your own decisions! Wow, God is so good! So today make the choice Come and See about Jesus!



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Frankie said...

So, Jesus was saying follow and experience for yourselves. Which is exactly what the disciples did. Jesus didn't stay in one place teaching so this required effort and committment from the disciples.

To follow Jesus and be taught by Him requires some effort on our part today also. Praying that I stay committed to Jesus' call to, "come and see."