Monday, September 21, 2009

Guard duty

1 Chronicles 9

The gatekeepers who returned… These men served as gatekeepers,

In all, there were 212 gatekeepers in those days….These gatekeepers and their descendants, by their divisions, were responsible for guarding the entrance to the house of the Lord…, The four chief gatekeepers…Some of the gatekeepers were assigned to care for various articles used in worship…

The gatekeepers had important roles. One of the commentaries stated that their office (job) was to open the doors of God's house in the morning and shut it at night

Next they were to keep off the unclean and hinder those forbidden by the law from entering. I thought it sounded funny to keep them off…I think it meant away from or out…

Their third role was to direct and introduce them where and what to do, so that they would not receive punishment from not doing things correctly.

Reading today was a listing of ancestors, which I realize that God believes this is very important, because it is done so much throughout the Bible. I also, realized that the role of the gatekeeper was important! It was the only thing that really jumped out at me today. It was like God was saying do you realize Debbie how important the role is that I call each and every person to perform? Do you realize there is a reason for each and every role? The gatekeeper…or we not all a gatekeeper?

I know that I should be my own gatekeeper. I should open the door to God each and every day first thing for His mighty plans for me! I should definitely keep the unclean things away from me and definitely hinder the progress of these things in the world. Thirdly, I should study the bible so that I might help direct my own path according to God's law. So, what about you? Are you a gatekeeper at least for yourself?

Watching the gate,


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Frankie said...

Debbie,I like to go back to the scripture passage that you pick to write on and see what it may say to me as I reread it.

I am thinking about how this was a position of trust. Scripture says, that the gatekeepers' ancestors were picked for this position because they were reliable.

Definitely something to think I being a reliable gatekeeper?