Sunday, September 20, 2009


Nehemiah 10:39

"We promise together not to neglect the Temple of our God."

I promised like a lot of people do on the first day of the year to do something about my weight. Well, it is now September 20 and I still haven't done anything about my weight other than watch it stay pretty close to where it was on the first day of the year. I watch it go down one to three pounds or up the other side the same amount. I seem to be good at keeping it right there in that area. I entered the weight watcher class 3 times before I was just too busy for that and I know it works…it did for me a couple of years ago. I just hate sitting in those classes and listening …..Rather than taking it as encouragement…I feel like I am wasting time….

When I was reading this morning and knowing that God lives in us this scripture just jumped out at me…I am neglecting the Temple of God. My body is the temple of God and I'm not taking care of the Temple! When you look at the scripture and are reminded like this ~ will it help me? I don't know…I seem honestly to be doing okay with other things that have set me back before and it is the food issue that I'm failing at right now. I know that my head tells me I need to do better and now maybe my heart will too!

Forgive me Father when I fail you!

What are you neglecting? Is it your family? Your faith? Yourself? Your friends? The picture is a beautiful example of neglect with the door open to the opportunity of God and nature right outside the neglect ~ so let's focus on God and neglect will be less likely to happen.

Sweet blessings,



Linda said...

Oh, I SOOO know what you mean. I think the hardest thing is that you absolutely cannot ever stop thinking about it or the weight just starts creeping back on. I want to stop thinking about it and that just doesn't work for me.

Frankie said...

You know Debbie, I think an important word in that verse may be the word "together." Do you think that makes it more likely that one would keep their promise? Maybe accountability or stength in numbers?

Thinking about what I might be neglecting.