Monday, September 7, 2009

The Writing on the Wall


Have you ever heard the expression "the writing is on the wall"? Well, this is probably where that expression came from ~ Daniel 5! Imagine sitting at the king's table and glancing over across the room to the vision of a hand with fingers writing on the wall. The fear that must have moved around that room as one by one they saw what was happening!

No one understood, but they were all afraid. So, they once again call for Daniel. Daniel told them that Mene meant God had numbered the days of this King's reign that Tekel meant weighted. God weighed on the balances this King's reign and he had not measured up. Oops. Parsin means "divided". Kingdom will be divided. The king probably didn't rest very well that evening and then he died the same night.

One day I went to a movie and when I got out of my car I noticed written on the wall the word shown above in the picture. I knew that God was giving me a message one that He is constantly reminding me of in my journey. I tend to want to handle things myself, so I just jump right in and I believe that God is teaching me to wait more patiently and to trust in Him. At times, I wait and trust and others I jump right ahead and things don't turn out quite like it is desired. Why? Because I got in the way!

We must remember that God knows the plans and "the writing is on the wall", but we must allow Him to write the instructions. So, look for the writing on the wall today!

Looking for the writing,


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Frankie said...

Debbie, I have always associated that saying with something that should be obvious to us. As in, how could you not know? The hand writing was on the wall.

In this passage the hand writing on the wall could not be missed. King Belshazzar received a message from God. He turned pale with fright, his knees knocked together in fear and his legs gave way beneath him.

Lord, teach us through your Message, the Holy bible.