Friday, December 3, 2010

Be encouraged!

Turning the page today, we found Paul sharing his testimony with the people, with the leaders, with anyone who would listen. Of course, not all listened and the crowds were still shouting and growing violent. At night alone, we are told the LORD appeared to Paul and said, "Be encouraged." Imagine! Paul probably was feeling pretty alone after the day he had and suddenly the Lord appeared to encourage him.

Have you had a time like that recently? I know quite a few people around me that have been feeling pretty beat up. Not physically by a person, but health wise or mentally indeed! It is my prayer that they were encouraged by a nudge from the Spirit that indeed they were not alone!

I was encouraged when I turned the page today and across it from last year I had written Kenny very sick, but I feel the LORD encouraging me here. It's been a year and he is getting better everyday and the LORD is still encouraging me. Yesterday, we got news that a great friend after four months in the hospital is coming home! Two days ago, we got word that another friend after a year battle with a diabetic wound it is finally healing. Another friend is finally feeling better after battling sinus issues for a year...We are encouraged! The Great Physician is at work!

It is my prayer that you are receiving the encouragement that you needed to hear this morning that the LORD is working and healing! He is with you each step you take and will never leave you! Be encouraged and give Him praise!

Did you notice the picture? When I typed in encouragment this came up with steps to paradise and I thought someone needs to be encouraged to take steps toward take the steps!

Sweet Blessings,

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Frankie said...

Debbie, encouraging indeed! May The Great Physician, The Lord Almighty continue to work and bring healing!