Sunday, December 5, 2010

Warnings! Danger Ahead! Do we not get it?

Did you see yourself at all today in the reading from Acts 27? Wow, I saw myself!

My mind went to places in my journey that people warned me, the Word warned me, but I just went on with my way...MY WAY...remember the old song...I did it my way? Well, it doesn't always work so well!

Paul warned the officers that trouble was ahead. Did they listen? Nope. It tells us that they listened more to the captain and owner, so they disregarded Paul's words. So, he called them together after a typhoon came upon them, they threw cargo overboard, told them that they would be shipwrecked, but they would be okay!

How did Paul know they would be okay? An Angel of God told him to not be afraid! Who do we listen to? Do we listen to the angels that are placed in our path? God may have sent an angel to encourage each of us that things will be okay, but to listen to the warning.

I place myself in that ship with Paul and his words would have so encouraged me, because I know he was glowing with each word spoken. Those men had to see the light of God in him...the commanding officer saved Paul's life when some of the soldiers wanted the prisoners killed. I believe that man knew Paul was special from the example he had set by the words he shared and the manner he shared them. We should warn, but trust that God will take care of the rest. Paul wasn't constantly baggering or talking, he stated his words and waited trusting in God. Again, an example for us to learn from Paul.

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