Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sharing Secrets

Who do you tell your innermost secrets? Someone you trust and love is the answer, if it is your secret. Don't you love the picture? The little girl is making all attempts to only share with her special friend.

In today's reading from Colossians we find that the secret was Christ lives in you and me! We need to share this with ALL of our special friends and everybody else as well....

The reading today was so full of special verses to share with our friends and family...
Paul wanted all of us to be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love...with complete confidence that we understand God's mysterious plan, which is Christ! All treasures of wisdom and knowledge are tied to Christ, so we must share this special secret with others...

Debt paid in full. Do you love to hear those words when you pay off a long term bill you have had? Such as college loans, babies, houses, cars, the list could go on and on...well Jesus paid our biggest debt that we could never pay...He paid it on the cross and we are made anew!

Folks, share this special secret with someone today! Christ lives in us and His light shines through us and He paid our debt for us!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Debbie,I liked Colossians 3:11b. "Christ is all that matters, and he lives in all of us." This went along with what you were writing about, the secret revealed.
That says it all!

I also liked Colossians 4:17, the encouragement that Paul wrote to Archippus. It could say, "Debbie, Be sure to carry out the ministry the Lord gave you."