Monday, December 27, 2010

God Centered

Reading today was awesome! So, much information to share, but I feel God pointing me towards one main point ...God is at the center of everything! I will show you what I mean in a moment, but wow is all I can say after reading this morning.

Also, I listen to Beth Moore on Revelation and I study and pray about the message for me to grasp and ponder. So, during the next few days I may be later in the day pray learn!!!

Look at Revelation 4, John is seeing a vision where a throne is in the center with a rainbow arched above it of emerald color with someone sitting on it. The someone is brilliant as jasper and carnelian...nothing more describing God.
Then we are told 24 thrones surround him and twenty four elders are sitted in them. Lots of thought on these 24, but most popular thinking is 12 heads of tribes and 12 disciples, but who knows until we get to heaven. In front of the throne were torches and in fron that that a shiny sea of glass, sparkling. The sea is like glass, calm no waves. Beth reminded us of Micah 7:19 where God shows compassion and throws our trials into the depths of the sea. She thinks this is where our trials are thrown and I love it...under his feet..he stomps on our troubles and gets rid of them forever and calm is all that is left! Ponder that a moment...HUGE!!!

Ladies, over and over, it comes to me throughout this chapter that God is at the center of ALL and yet today we reside in a world that it is all about me, me, me...Yet we have no peace because we are at the center! Yet in heaven God is at the center at peace is all around. We are in trouble. Society tells us daily grab what you want, take what you want, if we listen to society we will never find peace! God must be at the center! Read this chapter for yourself and see if you don't agree!

One more point from today's reading and there is soooooooo much more....but these are the ones I felt God tugging at me to focus on...Revelation 5:8...look at take this in...Each one had a harp, and they held gold bowls filled with incense, which are the prayers of God's people. Our prayers reach the feet of God like a fragrance and wait in a bowl at His feet until they are answered! Look at it! WE sent our prayers up they are like a fragrance and they are held in a Gold bowl waiting for God's timing! Gives a new meaning to prayers doesn't it? It does to me!
Wow, take your time today and ponder the beauty in these chapters because we were reminded that God's love is in present tense from yesterday's reading, we are reminded that God is at the center and the rainbow is a symbol of God's promise of faithfulness, Jesus the lamb that died for us and that we will have eternal life. John was given the beauty of the scenes, before some tough stuff that is going to happen one day. I believe God was reminding us that indeed He was, He is, He will be always and forever and that He keeps His promises! Even in tough stuff He reminds of His LOVE!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Debbie, I loved Rev. 5:8. That image of our prayers in a bowl and like a fragrance to God is so lovely.

I used to think that the book of Revelation was scary, but it is not so scary now.