Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Amazing, Awesome reading from Revelation 11 about the two witnesses this morning. It fascinated me and filled me with wonder. Wonder is it literal or is it symbolic? Either way it's awesome!

Literally let's take a look at this chapter. Two men that sound a lot like Moses and Elijah. Look at a couple of things the plagues makes you think of Moses and the rain Elijah. Also, the way God breathed life into them and then called "Come up here". Remember the way both of these men left this earth the first time around. So, we all know that God can do anything so it could be Moses and Elijah or it could be symbolic.

Symbolic, olive trees were used when speaking about Israel and the lampposts were used discussing churches. A lot of the commentaries think this could mean two big groups of people because in verse 7 where it talks about the beast coming and killing them. If it were just two men it may not have been such strong talk about a wild beast needing to kill them is one thought.

I don't know which it is, but I know God knows and that's all that matters to me! I know He wins in the end and so do we!!!! In this chapter, we do have a definite given, a definite days and months given as to the length of time that evil will rule. 1260 days = 42 months of the antichrist rule all of God's people will suffer during this time! Absolute, it's a fact! BUT, look at verse 11
God breathed life into them, and they stood up! God will breathe life back into Christians!

I don't understand all of this and never will, but I have faith in Our Savior and believe all He tells us in His Word about eternal life and that Jesus died for my sins and yours, so I don't worry about all of's in HIS MIGHTY HANDS and I will be okay!

In Beth Moore's study on Revelation she pointed out verse 7 where it says when they complete their testimony and stated that absolutely no one is taken from this earth until God's plan for them is complete. She believes this verse states this completely. She stated that 7 is the number that symbolizes completed, perfected and throughout Revelation it is used. This is verse 7 and she believes that it means once our testimony is perfected and completed then we might be taken, but not a moment before. Her words were "not one single true witness can go one second early before perfection - God's perfection". Pretty profound and awesome thought!

Sweet blessings,


Nikole Hahn said...

It is encouraging. Sometimes, images of what the tribulation might look like assail me and I think, "Oh, please Lord take us home before that awful time."

Happy New Year! May it be blessed!

Frankie said...

God's Perfection, profound indeed!