Friday, April 29, 2011

Awake thinking of you

Today's reading filled me with so many different feelings. I placed myself in David's shoes and felt disappointment, grieve, relief, protected, surrounded, wonder, alone, but loved the entire time. The question running through my mind was how David felt running from his son. A son that no matter what this father still loved. Absalom wanted to kill his father. How did they allow their relationship to get to this point?

We turn on our televisions and hear similar stories. How do we get to the point that we want to harm the ones we love or loved at one point? Oh I know we all have those brief moments that we might spout off, but to actually try or do it? It just saddened my heart.

I got to Psalm 63 and my spirit lifted probably much like David's. I researched and a lot of scholars think that perhaps David wrote this in the forest and not the wilderness, but either way he is alone, running from someone that is after him. What does David do? David praises God! I absolutely loved the following verses:
"I lie awake thinking of you, meditating on you through the night. Because you are my helper, I sing for joy in the shadow of your wings. I cling to you; your strong hand holds me securely."

On those nights that you are unable to sleep do you meditate on God? Imagine, wilderness or forest, laying on his pallet waiting, waiting, waiting...David mediated which original translation meant to speak, muse, mutter, or meditate on God! Don't you feel your body relax just thinking of the same thing? Don't you know that his entire body felt at ease and filled with the Spirit knowing that God was with him? If we would do the same thing, I believe that sleep might come much easier. Rather than tossing and turning our minds would be filled with awe and wonder of God and know that we too are protected!

Protected just like a momma bird protects her babies or any other animal...fiercely! WE all know that our mommas will protect us no matter what...So does our Father in Heaven! I absolutely loved the reading today with King David running and yet he still turned to God for protection! He still knew where to put his thoughts to feel peace and protection. Do we?

When you lay down tonight put your thoughts on Jesus. I imagine that sleep will come much easier just like the rest of life does when we place our thoughts on Him!

Sweet blessings,

Prayer Special: Today please pray for all the people in the aftermath of the tornadoes that ravaged our South. Pray for strength for those that lost loved ones, pray for courage for those helping the recovery efforts, pray that all the people suffering will see God everywhere they turn in the aftermath. I say this because after I lost my home to fire a few years ago ~ I got through because God showed up everywhere! So, turn to God!

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Nikole Hahn said...

Clicked to read this blog from my feeder and was glad that I did! I felt uplifted after reading this. Sadly, some family members do want to harm their relation(s). Families are broken anymore. The world births these self-help books thinking their sagely advice would put the pieces together. They don't understand that the only way to put the pieces together are through a relationship with Jesus.