Tuesday, April 12, 2011


3 chapters before power and pride took Saul over! Not even one day in between reading...So fast, he changed!

What truly caught my attention was in 1 Samuel 14:19, when it stated: Never mind;let's get going. Words Saul spoke to the priest when he was asking the Will of God. Imagine it! Saul is heading into battle, but he is so full of himself that he thinks he doesn't need God's thoughts involved. One Bible stated it that Saul told him to withdraw his hand. Saul was in such a hurry that he didn't wait for God's timing!

So, Saul was not being obedient! God won the battle in spite of Saul! In spite of...

I was so excited yesterday with the words used to describe Saul and wondered how long they lasted - not long! Not even two days of reading before Saul's power went to his head and he thought it was all about him. No wonder he continues to self-destruct!

Sweet blessings,

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